Are Washable Air Filters Worth It?

Washable HEPA filters are 99.97 percent effective at removing harmful particles and ozone pollutants from indoor air. Reusable and washable HEPA filters are cleaned by rinsing them in cold water, and they can last several years. But are these greener filters worth it? Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of washable air filters, which will help you decide if this product is right for your home. Filter manufacturers rate air filter effectiveness using a scale called the MERV rating table, which represents the minimum value of efficiency reports. The cheapest disposable air filters fall between one and four on this scale, while microparticulate air filters are known to be rated higher than 14. Unfortunately, reusable air filters don't perform better than low-quality products, measuring less than four on the MERV scale.

Some experts believe that makes them impossible, especially for homes where air quality is a concern. On the other hand, there are other air conditioning professionals who say that air filter quality is largely a myth. The real job of air conditioning filters, these experts say, is to protect the life of your HVAC system, not improve air quality. Washable air filters are a great option for people looking to save money. However, this type of filter is only capable of removing large particles from the air in your home. Because this type of filter includes a maximum MERV rating of 4, it is not capable of removing dander or pet smoke from the air.

If your spouse or children have allergies or asthma, a washable air filter isn't the right choice for your home. It can be difficult for homeowners to decide which oven filter option is best for their needs and budget. If you're looking for a high-end unit that costs a little more upfront but is cheaper in the long run, check out the Coconut Air CocoCube car air purifier. Air purifiers are not large devices per se, but if you want to use them in a small or cramped room, you can check their size before buying them. You can try MERV 13+ filters, but keep in mind that your oven fan may not be able to withstand the pressure drop and could damage the system. Replacing disposable filters regularly (every three months, as recommended) can really add up in terms of waste.

Unfortunately, if you get impatient and reinstall it before it dries, the wet filter can attract mold to your HVAC units. Winix 5500-2's patented PlasmaWave air cleaning technology relies on hydroxyl production for an additional layer of defense against disease-causing bacteria and germs, making it welcome in nurseries where unpleasant things abound. This washable filter air purifier offers a little bit of everything, serving medium to large rooms with EPA-type technology to effectively neutralize air pollutants such as pollen, mold spores, dust, bacteria and germs. Typically, ozone air purifiers will have what appears on the packaging or in the commercial descriptions. This best low-maintenance air purifier is a rather ingenious gadget, with HepaSilent technology and a pre-filter for protection against large, ultra-fine particles.

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