How to Replace an LG Air Filter

If you're looking to keep your LG refrigerator running smoothly and maintain optimal performance, changing the air filter is an easy way to do so. It's recommended to replace the air filter approximately every 6 months, and the process is relatively simple. Here's how to replace an LG air filter.First, locate the air cleaner cover on the left side of the refrigerator. It's usually about three inches wide.

Use a flat-head screwdriver to turn it counterclockwise until it's loose enough to pull out of its slot. Inside the filter cover, you'll find the old filter. Remove and discard it. Next, place a new filter inside the cover with the side that says Face Out. Make sure there are no gaps between where the filter meets its housing, and turn it in place with your hands or pliers before pushing it firmly down into position. Once done, hold down the air cleaner button located on the screen next to the air cleaner indicator for three seconds to reset the filter sensor.

You should also be able to reset the water filter light by pressing and holding the “filter” button for three seconds. If you have any problems replacing the air filter on your LG refrigerator, such as if the new one doesn't seem to fit properly or if it keeps falling out, you can always refer to the user's manual or contact LG customer service for further assistance. Be sure to change your air filter every six months or as needed to ensure your refrigerator stays in top condition. Use the SUMMER PROMO code at checkout to receive a 15% discount on your order of up to three (a single water or air filter).

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